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Our vision

It’s the beginning of 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic heavily affected the way of working of everyone. You could not just go to the office anymore and most people started working from home.

Worldwide, companies had to rethink how colleagues work together and how to attract and recruit employees. Remote working and collaboration became the new normal. Companies adopted Microsoft Teams with lightning speed to overcome this.

This is where our idea started. We saw a way to help companies achieve new hires in a more efficient way than ever.

The concept was born: CoRecruit, the first fully integrated applicant tracking system within Microsoft Teams.

Now, after two years of strenuous work, we got this concept ready to market. Microsoft Teams is used by over 145 million people every day and we think that our integrated ATS is making your daily work as a Hiring Manager, HR manager, or Recruiter a lot easier because you now you can collaborate more efficiently and hire faster than before.

Who we are

CoRecruit is a Woman-Owned Business and Woman-Run Enterprise tech company. Your company and our app: together we are able to improve your recruitment process.

We believe that collaborating effectively is possible for recruiters, HR, and hiring managers. Whether they are sitting next to each other, working from home, or abroad. This will not only save time but also results in better hires.

Vera Sleutels

Vera Sleutels

Chief Everything Officer

An effective tool or technology that supports humans to perform any (professional or personal) task more effectively or efficiently should be user-centric. That is no rocket science, at least not to me!

It is in my DNA and what I am skilled at as a BSc Human Kinetic Technologist; it was all about optimizing technology to support humans to enhance their physical possibilities (e.g., in sports or with a physical disability). This viewpoint should be the footing of any purchased or designed technology, also in recruitment. However, this essential requirement(s) is often lost in translation.

My professional and personal drive is to look for the optimum solution to the issue of my clients both financially, practically, and result-wise.

Monique Sperna Weiland

Monique Sperna Weiland

Chief Magician Officer

I have an intrinsic desire to improve myself continuously, the people around me, and the company I work for. That is what I strive to achieve every day.

As soon as I have nothing to do, I look for something new to do. Sitting idle is not for me!

My working experience covers various fields. However, (recruitment) marketing has been my main area lately, both in large and small companies. I have often worked project-based, meaning I am used to keeping several ‘balls in the air.

Carin Smeets

Carin Smeets

Chief Happiness Officer

I thrive on structuring work and thinking processes to get people to get the job done together effectively.

Although I have a hands-on and solution-oriented mentality, I watch for sensitivities and conflicting interests of all parties involved. My eye is always on the ball to realize an acceptable alternative for all parties involved in the event of conflicting interests.

With over 25 years of experience in management support and project management in (inter)national business and (semi-) government organizations, there is not a lot I have not come across before.

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