Collaboratively recruiting: reach your full hiring potential

There are so many benefits when you start to recruit collaboratively. Let us show you how CoRecruit can help your company.

Improve involvement of colleagues and company

Involving e.g. the department where the new colleague will work in the hiring process increases the chance that you will hire a candidate who is a good fit for the team and the company. However, it has to be easy and quick, so it will not cost you or your colleagues a lot of time. 

Providing your colleagues with a tool to quickly evaluate and give feedback on their future colleagues will draw them into the hiring process. Consequently, they will be more engaged and motivated during the recruitment process.

In CoRecruit you(r):

  • can invite colleagues to help you source, evaluate and hire candidates for a job opening.
  • can all work together within Microsoft Teams.
  • colleague(s) will receive automated messages with the information needed for that particular step in your recruitment process.

Hire faster together

Although it may seem more complicated, collaborative hiring is very agile with CoRecruit. Your recruitment processes will be quicker and better than traditional hiring simply because there are more team members that will pick up their individual tasks without needing your involvement. Due to this team effort which combines fast, engaging, and high-quality feedback, candidates will have a superior candidate journey. 

In CoRecruit you can:

  • plan an interview with a candidate by emailing them three timeslots from which they can choose. These timeslots are reserved in the Microsoft Teams calendar of your colleague that will do the interview until the candidate selects a timeslot;
  • make video interviews via Microsoft Teams together with one or more colleagues and link them to the hiring process of the candidate.



Feedback driven recruitment

Hiring is highly competitive for most companies nowadays. You need to compete against one another to attract the right candidate. So, it is key to get feedback fast from all the colleagues involved. This will increase your chances of not losing a valuable candidate during your hiring process. This feedback also helps to finetune the search for suitable candidates. 

Companies that involve future colleagues in the hiring process receive better reviews from candidates even those that are not hired. 

In CoRecruit you:

  • can get instant feedback on candidates from your colleagues via Microsoft Teams chat messages;
  • and your colleagues can use an elaborate set of questionnaires to provide structured feedback on all candidates in the procedure for a job.

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